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TVBarthel Organisation

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Hi, we are glad to welcome you on our page. You will find our current projects as well as incoming ideas and achieved works. Have a good time there (:

Current projects

A better sharing experience for Android


Support your favorite artist


Camera Color Picker

Camera Color Picker banner

Diving into blur implementation

Blur Dialog Fragment banner

Simple Weather Forecast

Simple Weather Forecast banner

A ListView over a PhotoView, a UI/UX experiment.

listView over a photoview banner

Parallax attempt : a small attempt to perform parallax effect

Parallax banner

Googly Zoo : a small augmented virtuality open-source project

Googly banner

Chase Whisply : an augmented reality open-source project

Chase Whisply banner

Achieved works

Moka : reliable and efficient brainstorming meetings

Moka banner

Feel free to leave any comments (=

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